Odoo Chatroom Whatsapp

Follow these steps to set up your Gupshup account and connect to Odoo

Go to Gupshup

Official Whatsapp Partner


 You must have a Whatsapp account configured in Gupshup.
 Send to Acruxlab your "Phone number", "apikey" and "App Name" (Whatsapp +56 67 221 7777).


 Enable "Callback URL / Link your Bot"
and enter this URL:

Replace CLIENT_ID with the value that we will send you.

 In "Message Events".
Enable only these options:
- Enqueued.
- Failed.

 Disable "Link a bot from Gupshup bot account".

 Disable "System Events".


This is required to start conversations from Odoo.

 Enable "Template Messaging" and configure at least one.

 On "Onboarding mechanisms", enable "Automated opt-in message".