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Apichat.io - Chat-api or GupShup


Not an Official Whatsapp Partner.


  1. It can be cheaper for a high volume of messages and especially if you send attachments.
  2. Simple enablement.
  3. You can see all conversations on phone where you have your Whatsapp app.
  4. Offers extra features that Gupshup doesn't have.


  1. It is not an Official Whatsapp Partner.
  2. If you use Whatsapp web, it will disconnect this service. You can do it, but it is recommended only in emergencies. You will be able to reconnect to service from Odoo.
  3. You must keep phone connected to the internet.

Choose if:

  1. You trust your contacts will not report it as “SPAM”.
  2. You want to continually start conversations and trust your contacts.
  3. You want to send attachments continuously.

GupShup or Chat-api

Official Whatsapp Partner.


  1. It is an Official Whatsapp partner.
  2. Whatsapp blocked risk is almost null.


  1. You must have a verified Business on Facebook.
  2. Commissioning the service requires extra steps. It may take 3 days.
  3. You cannot use Whatsapp on your cell phone or web.

Choose if:

  1. You don't want to put your WhatsApp number at risk from being blocked for any reason.
  2. You will be writing to numbers that have not been written to before and therefore there is a possibility that the people you are writing to will report it as “SPAM”.
  3. You will only reply to messages and also not send attachments, it can be very cheap.

GupShup fee see here

Important concepts

Have you noticed that when someone sends you a Whatsapp message for the first time, the option to “Report” appears? If many people click there, Whatsapp can unsubscribe your number.

An Official Partner (Gupshup) has an agreement with Whatsapp and what you pay per message is shared between both. In this way, Whatsapp authorizes the partner to offer the service to you. There is almost no risk of being marked as SPAM.

How does Chat-api do it? They open an instance of Whatsapp web and from there they read and send the messages (All automated of course).

About Apichat.io

In 2017, WhatsApp released its official API at first, during the test period, the API was only available to a few major companies. Since then, the number of organizations that have access to the WhatsApp official API has increased.

Dealing with WhatsApp’s official representatives to obtain their “white” API is an extremely energy-consuming procedure.

We urge our customers not to send unsolicited messages or make mass marketing mailings. Otherwise your account may be blocked by the WhatsApp anti-spam system!

Even with the official API, you can still be banned for violating WhatsApp’s policy. But if you combine all the safety tools offered by Chat API with an intelligent use of the service, your phone number will be absolutely safe.

Need to send with an WhatsApp Official Partner? We also send via GupShup.

Chat API allows you to send up to 6,000+ messages per day.
You can write us to increase your Plan.

We encourage our customers not to send unwanted messages and not to make bulk marketing messages. Otherwise your account can be blocked by the WhatsApp anti-spam system!
The Chat API allows you to send up to 6,000+ messages per day. BUT! If recipients do not want to receive such messages, they will click the "Spam" button in WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp account will be blocked. It is possible to send only messages that the recipients expect.

Yes, it will be updated. Chat API has been working and supported since December 2015. Usually there are 3 - 4 updates per year, affecting Chat API work. Within 1 working day, we adapt the API to the changes.